Medieval Anatomy, Trilogy

Medieval Anatomy, Trilogy

Medieval Anatomy, Trilogy, 2018

SLAC, Stanford University

Trilogy is a site-specific installation, which I created for the L.A.S.T Exhibition at Stanford University in March 2018. L.A.S.T celebrated the 200th anniversary of the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley with Science, Art and Tech. The installation is composed of three rows of stands: Archive, Experiment, and Result and is a response to Mary Shelly’s novel Frankenstein. It tackles human desire to experiment with the notion of creation and to innovate new scientific methods to create new life. The stands display curious images of exploration into the properties of the human body in the medieval period (Archive), medical-surgical tools as a metaphor for Victor Frankenstein’s creation of a humanoid (Experiment) and the current and future research on stem cells and human embryos (Result).

Trilogy, 2018
Stands, screen-print on plexiglass, books, lights and surgical tools, 4.5 feet x 8 feet
A Tribute to Mansur Ibn Illyas on Anatomy of the Human Body, 14th C., Iran

Exhibition at SLAC, Stanford University Accelerator Laboratory
L.A.S.T Festival, March 23-24, 2018


Mansur’s Anatomy, written by Mansur Ibn Illyas on Anatomy of the Human Body, 14th C., Iran
Mansur Ibn Illyas: late 14th century and early 15th century Persian physician from Shiraz, Timurid Persia
Known for his publication of the first colored atlas of the human body
Aga Khan Museum, Toronto, Canada