University California San Francisco Library Artist in Residence 2021

Exploring the UCSF Archives: Medicinal Botany

The Marsh’s Library, Dublin, Ireland, 2019

The 16th and 17th centuries botanical and astronomy manuscripts, research at the Marsh’s Library, Dublin Ireland in July 2019.

Marsh’s Library, Dublin, Ireland
Manuscript: Cosmographia by Peter Apian, 16th c.
Photos by Pantea Karimi

Marsh’s Library Announcement, June 2020

The British Library, Research Residency
&Courtauld Institute of Art Conference, 2018

My residency and conference attendance were supported by the Center for Cultural Innovation Quick Travel Grant in San Francisco and the Euphrat Museum of Art in De Anza College in Cupertino, CA. 

masalik al-mamalik “Traditions of Countries” manuscript, maps and islands
10th c, by Estakhri
Photos by Pantea Karimi

Kitāb na‘t al-ḥayawān “On Beastly and their Characteristics” manuscript, 13th c
Images courtesy of The British Library

Galileo, De Mundi Sphera, 17th c
Photos by Pantea Karimi

Avicenna, 11th c., Persian medical scientist, The Canon of Medicine, 19th c. edition
Photos by Pantea Karimi

The British Library, April 2018

Courtauld Institute of Art Conference
The Session on History of Art and History of Science, 2018

The Institute Archives & Special Collections
MIT, Cambridge, MA, 2018

The Microscope by Mary Ward, female scientist, 19th c. Ireland

Sidereus Nuncius by Galileo, 17th C.

The Islamic Document Museum and Malek Library
Tehran, Iran, 2016


























Malek Library, Tehran, Iran, 2016