Public Art Collections

This page includes selected temporary and permanent commissioned pieces and prints that are part of Corporate and university collections in the San Francisco Bay Area, Florida, Davis, Stanford, and New York.

Hand-made Prints: Sky Garden series, 2019-2022


In my hand-made botanical prints, I present medicinal plants in various compositions. The visual elements and stars in the Sky Garden series are from the Herbal, a 12th-century Andalusian botanical manuscript, and Sidereus Nuncius, Galileo’s 17th-century treatise.  Inspired by the manuscripts’ original images, I digitally draw stars, and botanical and animal silhouettes, and then prepare stencils of them for silkscreen and monotype printing processes. Some of the prints have over fifty layers of printing combined with washes of ink or watercolor to impart the idea of tangled plants in a garden.

Digital Illustration Prints: Endemic Healing and Vivid Garden series, 2020-2022


Both series include digital illustrations of healing plants that I research. Some illustrations are printed on aluminum medallions of various sizes and shapes to evoke Persian decorative tiles of traditional fountains and structures inside the historic botanical gardens in Shiraz, Iran (where my family originates).

The Endemic Healing series features medicinal plants with healing properties that include treating stress, respiratory issues, sore throat, or fever. The works symbolically posit the path to recovery during the COVID-19 pandemic. They can be printed on any substrate.


Research & Inspiration

The Institute Archives & Special Collections at MIT & Filoli Botanical Garden