Traveling Exhibitions, Wonders of Creation, San Diego Museum of Art and McMullen, 2024 – 2025

Group Exhibition, Grow, Palo Alto Art Center, Sep 2024 – Dec 2024

Group Exhibition, Sacred Terrains, Euphrat Museum of Art, Jan 2024 – March 2024


Artist Residency, Mass MoCA, North Adams, MA

Artist Residency, Santa Fe Art Institute Sovereignty, NM

Artist Residency, Montalvo Art Center’s Lucas Artist Program Residency, Saratoga, CA

Public Art Collection, YouTube, San Bruno, CA

Public Art Collection, UCSF, Sanfrincisco,  CA

Public Art Collection, Stanford University, CA


Solo Exhibition, Eulogy, Mercury 20 Gallery, Oakland, CA

October 20 – November 25, 2023. Reception: Nov. 18th, 3-5 PM
Gallery hrs: Friday & Saturday, 12-5 PM | Mercury 20 G. 475 25th St, Oakland, CA 94612

Solo Exhibition, Context Lost, Krishna Murthi Gallery, Harker School, San Jose, CA

November 3, 2023- May 1st, 2024. Reception: Nov. 28th, 5-7 PM

Solo Exhibition, Saffron Saint Of  Spices, Triton Museum of Art, Santa Clara, CA

Jan-April 2023


Artist Residency, Dickinson Teaching Artist Residency at Harker School 

Kala Art Institute Artist Honoree




KQED Forum I April 26, 2023 I Hosted by Alexis Madrigal

As part of KQED’s annual Youth Takeover week, Saratoga High sophomore Ryan Heshmati brings together a panel of Iranian women to discuss the viability of the movement in Iran in the face of the regime’s brutal crackdown against protesters and to discuss their own activism in the Bay Area.


Ryan Heshmati
Persis Karim
Pantea Karimi

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KQED, Arts & Culture I Dec 19, 2022

by Justin Ebrahemi       ‘The struggle continues’ For many women who grew up in Iran, subservience was inculcated at an early age. “Learning was intertwined with religious indoctrination,” says Pantea Karimi, a San Jose visual artist who left Iran in early...

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San Jose ICA I Nov 19, 2022

Breaking the Cube: A Perspective on Women, Life, Freedom  by Tachiya Bryant     Breaking the Cube: A Perspective on Women, Life, Freedom “All these years being outside Iran, I thought I had escaped the coercive force of compulsion, but the death of Mahsa...

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SF/ARTS | April 2019

1979 Iranian Upheaval Resonates in “Once at Present”

Galleries at Minnesota Street Project showcase artwork inspired by the political and cultural changes in Iran since the 1979 Revolution

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