The Oddities of Marbling Garden, 2022


The Oddities of Marbling Garden series explores the Marbling technique; a plant-based printing method from late medieval Iran. Marbling also references those decorative papers with mottled and marbled designs that were used for manuscripts’ binding throughout the history of book-making, particularly in medieval periods. I create these marbling patterns in a free format to impart the idea of a landscape and to allow drawing of flowers within the pattern in each print. In this series, I draw and paint the various images of saffron flowers in gold color within the pattern of marbling. 

The text accompanying these visuals describes the medicinal healing properties of the saffron flower in Persian. The name of this series is inspired by the 13
th c. manuscript, The Wonders of Creation and the Oddities of Existence (Ajayeb al-Makhluqat va Gharayeb al-Mowjudat) written by Qazwini, the celebrated medieval geographer and natural historian.


Printing marbling patterns in studio, 2022


University of California, San Francisco Library, 2021-2022